Systemic Constellations

This therapy is based on the inspirational work of the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger and offers a radical, powerful approach to uncover hidden entanglements in our family system, or other systems to which we belong. 


These dynamics influence us without us knowing.  Issues arise at home, work, in personal or professional relationships and seem to be stuck and not possible to shift. These may be dynamics that have been handed down to us by previous generations.


If we look at the issue, or the pattern, through a wider lens and include everybody and everything, things begin to fall into their rightful place; we can uncover the deeply hidden unconscious loyalties. By gently revealing them we can heal and grow towards our full potential. This can sometimes feel transformative.


Family Constellation helps to find insights in life issues, including relationships, separation and divorce, loneliness, depression, health issues, work related issues, money, death, loss, addiction.


Esther offers one-to-one sessions, providing a safe, caring and nurturing environment.

A session can be booked as and when required.