I have studied Music in Vienna before I moved to London. I discovered the benefits of Shiatsu in the early 1990s when I started looking for methods of healing beyond Western Medicine to help me relieve my symptoms of migraine and eczema. 


I hold a diploma in Shiatsu from the Ealing School of Shiatsu Therapy. I trained in Sukshma Marma Therapy© with Ernst Schrott, Deutsche Ayurveda Akademie and in Inner Energy Healing© with Routes of Healing, Cambridge. I have ongoing private tuition in Energy healing, Aethermedizin© with Heinz Rataj at naturheilpraxis-inter-med, Switzerland. I trained with the Centre of Systemic Constellation in Systemic Constellation Therapy in London. I am member of the Shiatsu Society UK. I work in London and East Kent.

About Me