Shiatsu is a Japanese type of bodywork based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself by applying gentle finger and palm pressure, stretches and rotation to specific points and areas, helping to restore natural balance and harmony. 


Treatments attend to the whole person, not just the physical body but also to the mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspect of being. It helps to calm the system, to reduce the levels of stress and to restore the body’s natural balance towards healing.  Shiatsu can help with symptoms of acute or chronic back, shoulder or neck pain, joint and muscle pain, headache, migraine, exhaustion, tiredness, depression, period related symptoms, insomnia, grief, anxiety, stress recovering from illness and operations. The treatment can help in acute conditions or can be used as general maintenance to live a fuller and healthier life.


The treatment takes place fully clothed on a massage table, traditionally on a futon on the floor. Applying pressure along the meridians, using gentle rocking, stretching or holding techniques in very specific areas restores the body’s balance. Esther believes strongly in the quality of informed touch which makes the treatment very effective. Her style is sensitive, observant and uniquely in tune with the client.


A brief case history is taken before the session and some feedback to integrate the session including recommendations takes place at the end. It is best to drink plenty of water afterwards and avoid if at all possible any strenuous activities. 

»Esther creates a peaceful space for rest and release,
for internal investigation and understanding. She helps us find
connection and expansion. It's a precious time, without agenda – 
out of the world and busyness; a reset. Precious indeed.«


»Esther diagnosed what was wrong immediately and
started to ‘knead’ away my problem.  My whole body seemed
to be melting as I sank deeper and deeper into relaxation;
often in my sessions I’d fall asleep before the end. 
I often swore at the time that Esther saved my sanity and

made it possible for me to keep going.«